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Employee Close-up: Jessica Cruz

Ben Collinsworth


Jessica Cruz never thought she would end up as a landscape professional.    


The Native Land Design account manager started as an urban planning major at Texas A&M University, which included a lot of similar classes that are part of the landscape architect degree. Things changed when she took a horticulture class as an elective with some friends who were landscape architecture majors. “The rest,” she says, “was history. I was hooked on plants.”


How Native uses technology to provide professional customer service.

Ben Collinsworth

A whopping 89 percent of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service.


This according to the RightNow Customer Experience Impact Report.


At Native Land Design, we know how important customer service is. It plays a critical role in how we think, plan and strategize our business.


We never want our customers to feel like it’s challenging to do business with us.


As such, over the last four years we’ve invested in some key technology to make doing business with us much simpler.

Hate Landscape Budget Planning? Your Account Manager Can Help!

Ben Collinsworth

It’s that time of year again … and it’s not one that many folks look forward to.

Dental cleaning and cavity filling? Root canal time? Your least favorite distant relative is coming to visit? And they want to stay with you for a week? Nope. None of the above! It’s landscape budget planning season. And some property managers say it’s even more dreadful than any painful dental visit or uncomfortable family get-together.

Why is this the worst time of year? Because it’s getting to be the busiest time of year as school starts soon and the holidays near, so momentum is building toward year’s end. At the same time, meeting or beating annual numbers is on everyone’s mind. Planning the next year’s budget amidst all of this activity is typically one of the least enjoyable aspects of your job. 

Sometimes, though, we make the task worse on ourselves because we don’t take advantage of tools and tricks that can make it easier. You can avoid the many pain points of landscape budget planning by taking advantage of the wisdom of your landscape account manager.

Here’s how.

Close Up:  Intern Elizabeth Lane

Ben Collinsworth

 Native is proud to introduce our Austin intern Elizabeth Lane.  Elizabeth is originally form Marble Falls, TX and is a student at Texas Tech University.  She is majoring in Landscape Architecture with a concentration in plant and soil science. While serving as the secretary for the Student American Society of Landscape Architects (SASLA), she is also a member of the Texas Tech recruiting team AgriTechsans. 

Landscaping Around Pools at HOA and Multifamily Properties: 3 Best Practices

Ben Collinsworth

Pools are a popular addition to multifamily and homeowner’s association (HOA) properties in Texas. They make these places appealing to current and potential residents, particularly during the hotter summer months.

And to ensure tenants enjoy these areas all season long, landscaping can create a more relaxing environment. But how do you add the right kind of landscape additions around your multifamily or HOA pool without creating additional and unnecessary maintenance?

Follow these best practices when enhancing the landscapes around your swimming areas.


Close Up:  Intern Carly Wright

Ben Collinsworth

Native is proud to introduce our summer intern that is working in our Houston Office, Carly Wright. Carly is currently a Horticulture major at Stephen F Austin.  Carly recently competed in the Flower and Foliage Identification competition at the NCLC this past March. 

Texas Landscape Labor (The Impact H-2B Has on Your Landscape Contractor)

Ben Collinsworth

Landscaping, in most areas of the country, is a seasonal business. While some areas have seasons that last longer than others, there is still usually a peak growing and landscape maintenance season, as well as a season where less work is required to keep your outdoor spaces trim and tidy. This means there’s a period of time where landscape businesses need additional labor to get work done in a timely and consistent fashion.

As a result, the challenge landscape business owners face is they must ramp up their workforce in March and then wind that down for approximately three to four months out of the year in Texas.

Internships at Native Land Design

Ben Collinsworth

Don’t tell us — let us guess. You want to be a landscape designer.

We’re not sure what’s up, but it seems every college student in a landscaping program has their eye on design these days.

We love designers. They play a crucial role. But you know there’s more out there, right?

Intern with us here at Native Land Design, and you’ll experience every facet of the landscaping business, from estimating to enhancements.

Common Texas Lawn Insects, Diseases & Weeds Every Property Manager Should Be Able To Spot

Ben Collinsworth

There are a lot of problems you face during the growing season on your Texas commercial property. And most of these problems happen in the lawn.

A fine blanket of lush green turf that has blemishes on it in the form of scraggly weeds, brown patches of disease or torn up bits from armadillos trying to get at the insects lurking beneath stands out like a sore thumb. No office park, hospital, retail center, homeowner's association or other commercial property wants its image tarnished by a lawn riddled with blemishes and infestations.

Lucky for you, there are usually a common few insects, weeds and diseases that typically plague Texas lawns. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to recognize them so you can get ahead of the problem and stop it in its tracks before it does too much damage?

The National Collegiate Landscape Competition: “Talent Everywhere”

Ben Collinsworth

As Chris Rhodes looked out on the sea of horticulture students in the community college auditorium in North Carolina, he liked what he saw.

“To sit there at the opening ceremony and see this huge auditorium filled tells me the industry is as healthy as it’s ever been,” says Rhodes, director of marketing and business development at Native Land Design.

He’s talking about the The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) National Collegiate Landscape Competition (NCLC), an annual four-day event that brings together the best landscape and horticulture students, top industry companies and dozens of the biggest industry manufacturers and suppliers.

“I competed here in 1999, and it’s just gotten bigger,” Rhodes says. “And for the larger schools, the students attending are just a fraction of their departments. We just saw the tip of the iceberg. The talent pool seems endless.”