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How Large is Native Land Design (And Why Does it Matter)?

Ben Collinsworth

Every American loves small businesses. Everyone feels a soft spot for that scrappy start-up or mom-and-pop shop because they are very relatable and have values we admire: creativity, innovation, authenticity, excellent service.

In fact, businesses that operate using these values make a bigger mark on their communities. Even if communities today are much larger, technology has enabled customers to interact directly with each other as if they lived in a small town. People online are banding together in small communities. People want to buy things locally. Being more human and relatable like a small business is the trend consumers are craving today.

In a very natural way, Native Land Design has grown to embody this feeling at its company. We like to say we are “big enough to serve you but small enough to know you.” Let us tell you more about what that means.

5 Multi-family Landscaping Services To Ensure Your Property Always Has a Wait List

Ben Collinsworth

Many property managers struggle to handle the needs of their multi-family properties. Juggling multiple tenants and a surge of incoming maintenance requests requires a significant investment in time and energy.

Turnover is costly. Getting vacancies ready to rent, advertising them, showing them and screening tenants is an expensive and labor-intensive process. Once you find the ideal tenants, the goal is retaining them. In today’s competitive multi-family residential market, struggling with tenant turnover, delinquencies and dissatisfaction is not an option.

Overcome weaknesses and thrive to get your tenants to renew again and again, ensuring your property always has a waitlist, by focusing on these key landscape areas.

Production Mapping and Gantt Charting: What Are They and How Do They Help You?

Ben Collinsworth

Every business is concerned about improving productivity. As a business works to improve and grow, boosting productivity can help them clarify goals and refine systems so they run more smoothly, wasting fewer dollars and resources.

Employees play a key role in productivity. Being efficient helps the firm increase the capacity of their people. Productive people are also happier as they work together toward a common company goal. Healthy and happy employees make for a more successful organization.

One way Native Land Design minimizes waste and increases job site productivity on its clients’ landscapes is through production mapping and Gantt charting.

Employee Close-up: Todd Wilson

Ben Collinsworth

Todd Wilson loves water.

“If I’m not out on the water fishing, then I’m thinking about being out on the water fishing,” he says.

So it only makes sense that he’d end up in irrigation. Perfect for guy who can’t get enough water.

And a great fit for a guy who loves a new challenge every day.

“Every job we do is different from the last job,” says Todd, irrigation manager at Native Land Design. “There’s always a new challenge. One day we might be working on a house, the next day a big commercial office building. One day it might be a wire problem, the next day a broken pipe, the next day a controller.”

It keeps him on his toes, he says, and he likes that.

How Much Does Xeriscaping Cost (Compared to Regular Landscaping)

Ben Collinsworth

The term xeriscaping combines the Green word “xeros,” meaning dry, with the word landscape. It first appeared in 1981 in Colorado when the Denver area was experiencing a severe drought. The idea revolved around using as little water as possible and still maintaining interesting and attractive landscapes.

From a water conservation standpoint, xeriscaped landscapes can be very valuable for Texas commercial property managers who want to save water and money in both normal and drought conditions.

And, what’s more, the cost of a xeriscape can cost just as much as a traditional landscape. The elements that drive up the cost of xeriscaping are typically the same elements that drive up the cost of other landscape styles.


5 Texas Weeds Property Managers Should Know About Before They Become HUGE Problems

Ben Collinsworth

This might just be the worst situation Texas commercial property managers deal with.

You spend countless hours trying to create a lush, luxurious carpet of emerald lawn to be the forward-facing highlight at the front of your facility. Your first impression amplified in brilliant, vibrant green.

Then, weeds strike. And once they infiltrate your once-flawless lawn, sometimes it feels like nothing you can do can keep these scraggly, rough-textured blemishes from ruining your perfect commercial landscape picture.

The only way to keep weeds from destroying the lawn you’ve created is by knowing which ones tend to strike and when and staying ahead of them to prevent them from sinking their seeds into your turf.

3 Questions Every HOA Board Should Ask Their Commercial Landscape Contractor in Texas

Ben Collinsworth

How do you feel about the landscape and grounds at your Texas homeowners’ association?

Are your needs and expectations being met? Do you know what’s happening on your property in regard to irrigation maintenance and repair? Do you know where you want to invest additional dollars on your property for the most impact? Do you have regular and consistent communication with your landscape vendor?

3 Ways to Jumpstart a Career in the Landscaping Industry

Ben Collinsworth

Like to work with your hands? Enjoy the outdoors?

Then a job in the landscape industry might suit you.

The work of landscape professionals can be seen everywhere—from homes to offices to parks and hospitals to retail spaces and housing developments.

As the landscape industry grows, so does the need for employees in various important roles, including laborer, landscape designer, irrigation professional, arborist, installation crew member, foreman, account manager and supervisor.

Texas office parks and homeowners’ associations and other commercial facilities need their properties to look smart and create a positive appearance and reputation for their businesses.

If you want a career you’re really going to dig, landscaping may be just the right profession for you. Here are 3 ways to jumpstart your career in the landscaping and lawn care industry.


Employee Close-up: Chris Rhodes

Ben Collinsworth

Chris Rhodes spends some of his workdays delivering cookies or wine baskets, attending luncheons, golf tournaments and bowling outings.

You call that work? You bet he does.

“It's my job to be that person who people want to be around,” says Chris, director of marketing and business development at Native Land Design. “People buy from who they like. It’s a relationship-building job.”

Chris started this job at Native Land in January 2017. But he wasn’t exactly The New Guy. He was director of operations here from 2007 through 2010.

He left after that for a job in business development at a large landscaping company, then became a regional vice president for operations.

But when his position was cut, Chris was out of a job.

“I was 10 minutes out of my office and I knew exactly who I was going to call,” he recalls. He dialed his old friend and boss Ben Collinsworth, CEO of Native Land Design. He had gained quite a few new skills in the past several years — did Ben have a spot for him at Native Land?

3 Winter Irrigation Preparation Tips for Texas

Ben Collinsworth

Let’s face it: Water is expensive.

And in a place like Texas where the heat can rise rapidly, irrigating a large commercial property can be a huge cost — possibly even the largest cost in your landscape expenses.

As a result, it’s important to be smart about watering all year long.

This includes the winter months. While we may not get much snow in Texas and freezes quickly melt in the morning, we still have changing weather conditions that can impact our lawns and landscapes and the water they require to thrive, as well as the settings of the irrigation systems that supply that water.

Just as we prepare our cars and even our homes for changing temperatures, outdoor irrigation systems need adjustments to help extend their lives, too.

What is Wastewater Averaging?

Ben Collinsworth

Ever heard of the term wastewater averaging?

It’s a term you should be familiar with concerning water costs on your Texas commercial property.

Why? Because, generally, the cost of wastewater is higher than the cost of potable water. That means it’s possible to get three times more savings by conserving wastewater than by conserving potable water. Want to learn how?

What We Look For in the Perfect Client

Ben Collinsworth

The success of any company hinges largely on strong client relationships. One can offer promotions for free services and slash prices to bring in as many new customers as possible, but unless a business can get a good chunk of those customers coming back again and again, business could suffer.

Exceptional client service is a core value of companies that make it a priority. These companies want to be their customers’ trusted partners versus just one of their many vendors.

Native Land Design likes to develop long-lasting relationships with its clients. Here are some of the things we look for in the perfect Texas commercial client.