4 Things To Look For in a Commercial Landscape Maintenance Contract

Ben Collinsworth

Signing a contract can be a little nerve wracking. You want to make sure everything you need is included — and nothing you don’t.

When it comes time to renew or sign a new commercial landscape maintenance contract, make sure you read through it carefully.

Before you sign on the dotted line, check the commercial landscape maintenance contract for these four things.

Get Down to the Numbers

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Contract One of the first things you’ll probably look at when you see the contract is the cost. That’s just human nature.

Check that the contract price is what you agreed upon and fits in your budget.

You should also make sure there is a set payment structure, which is tied to the completed work. You need to understand when and how to pay the landscaping company for their services, and all of that should be listed in the contract.

If they charge extra for using a credit card to make payments, that information should also be included.

Specific Service Schedule

You obviously want to make sure the company offers the services your landscape needs before getting anywhere near signing a contract.

But, beyond just having the right services included, the contract should also list how often they will be performed.

For example, the contract shouldn’t just say the landscaper would provide mowing services. Instead, it should list the exact amount of service times, such as mowing two times a month.

You don’t want any ambiguity in the contract: Everything should be clear and concise.

The contract should also be specific with what the services include. So, it should say they would mow, edge, prune and spray herbicides, for example, instead of saying they would provide “landscape maintenance” — which can mean a lot of things.

Start and End Dates

Wolf Ranch Shopping CenterWhen you’re signing a contract with a commercial landscape maintenance company, you want to make sure they are ready to manage your property. So, the contract should include when they will start working on your site.

If they are performing lawn maintenance, there might only be a start date because the work is ongoing. However, for landscape enhancements or design and installation projects, the contract should list the estimated start and finish dates.

There should also be a force majeure condition, which states neither party is responsible for delays or issues that are caused by acts of God or other uncontrollable events.

Rules to Follow

Any good landscaping company wants their customers to be happy and to meet their needs. And if the landscaper isn’t holding up their end of the contract or you want changes, there should be a clause stating what steps you can take.

Make sure there’s a section that explains in detail what happens if you or the company breaks any part of the contract. You hope that doesn’t happen, but it’s important to be prepared.

When you want to change or add something to the original contract, you’ll need to discuss the changes with the contractor. Both of you will need to sign off on the alterations, and if they are extensive, you may need a new contract altogether.

Make Contracts Work for You

a nicely landscaped entryContracts are in place to protect both you and the landscaping company. Having a solid one in place from the start can prevent potential issues in the future.

Find a commercial landscaping company that is open about what’s in the contract and not afraid to answer all of your questions. You want to work with someone you can communicate openly with and trust.

At Native Land Design, we make sure our clients completely understand their contracts and have any concerns addressed.

We want to build a strong partnership where both sides are happy and have their needs met.

One way we do that is by providing a full list of services from our in-house team. We offer commercial landscaping services including landscape design, construction, enhancements, maintenance, irrigation and water management.

Our team services Austin, Houston and McAllen, Texas, and we would love to talk with you about how we can enhance your commercial property.

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