4 Ways Landscaping Can Help Your Retail Property Stand Out

Ben Collinsworth

There are right and wrong ways to catch people’s attention.

You want your retail property to attract people with its stunning curb appeal and well-maintained landscape — not because it has poor lighting and overgrown beds.

The way your property looks will have a large effect on your bottom line and occupancy rate, so take steps to enhance your site.

Here are four ways landscaping can help your retail property stand out to tenants and visitors.

Add Colorful Plants

Landscaping for Retail SpaceOne of the best ways to catch people’s attention and enhance your property is by installing plants.

Here are some of the best places to add some colorful foliage for a big impact:

  •      Entrances
  •      Around signage
  •      Along walkways
  •      In planters around the property
  •      In front of tenant entrances
  •      High traffic pedestrian areas
  •      High traffic exit areas

Combining plant varieties in a planter can create a welcoming entrance area. Incorporating foliage below signage can attract eyes — just make sure the plants are maintained and don’t grow in front of the signs. And by bordering walkways with flowers or ornamental grasses, you can add aesthetic value and better control the traffic flow.

Using native plants on your property will make it more efficient, saving you maintenance time and water, as well. They will thrive better and are drought-tolerant. Plus, there are plenty of native plants to choose from, including desert willow, Texas sage and red yucca.




Keep Your Landscape Maintained

Having knee-high grass and an overwhelming amount of weeds is not going to attract customers, let alone tenants. So to keep your profit margins in the black, you need to keep the property maintained.

Commercial landscaping services like mowing, edging, aerating, trimming, enhancements, capital improvements, managing irrigation and fertilizing can transform your property and keeping it looking top notch year round.

Plus, proper maintenance will improve your landscape’s health and make it more sustainable over time. It really can’t be overstated how much of an ROI you get with landscape maintenance.

Improve Signage Visibility

The Domain in Austin TexasBeing seen is a must to attract tenants and visitors to your retail property. And a big part of that is having visible signage.

Start by trimming trees and shrubs so they aren’t covering signs or storefronts. Make sure to continually keep them well maintained with regular pruning.

If you have young or medium-aged trees, you can also have the tree canopies raised. That can help keep low branches from growing too large in diameter and covering the signs.

To help your signage stand out at night, install landscape lighting around it. The lights should be angled so that they shine on the signs — but not into traffic or businesses.

Highlight Property with Landscape Lighting

Around signs isn’t the only place landscape lighting can make an impact. Here are some other uses for this feature:

  •      Uplighting feature plants
  •      Shining on structures
  •      Along paths
  •      Downlighting from trees
  •      Around patios or common areas

The Domain TexasNot only do these lights help your retail property stand out, but they also add elements of safety and security — things your tenants and visitors will appreciate and expect. Your occupancy rates are going to be pretty low if you don’t provide a safe environment, and it can also lead to liability issues.

You can get even more from landscape lighting by using energy-efficient options like LEDs. They will last longer and use less energy than traditional bulbs, saving you money on utilities.

Make Your Retail Property Stand Out

If you don’t make your property the place to be for customers and tenants, your competition will on theirs. Stay one step ahead by partnering with a commercial landscaping company that understands your site’s needs.

At Native, we know how important it is for your retail property to have high visibility and consistency around the clock. You need enhanced spaces, sustainable elements and “wow” features — and we know how to deliver on all of that.

Our experienced team offers landscape design, construction, maintenance, water management, irrigation and enhancement services. We can enhance your property and then maintain it to keep it at that high level.

We offer commercial landscaping services for retail centers in Austin, Houston and McAllen, Texas. Our clients include retail sites like The Domain and Round Rock Premium Outlets north of downtown Austin.

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