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Ben Collinsworth

Thinking of pursuing a job as a landscape professional?

The allure of nature and creating beautiful community landscapes is a big draw for those who want to work with Texas greenspaces.

But figuring out what job you want to pursue within the vast world of landscape management and maintenance can be tricky. There are so many areas of interest—each with their own nuances.

By enrolling in a management training program, one can explore the inner workings of a landscape business, diving into each specific facet, to understand the business as a whole … and find a special niche for themselves to boot.

Native Land Design just started a management training program to help you do just that. And they are eager to see a few candidates join their program this year.

So You Want to Be a Landscape Professional

If you think you might be a great landscape account manager, then enrolling in Native Land Design’s management training program could be a great fit for you.

irrigation-535099-edited.jpgThe full-time, paid position is a six-month to one-year expectation. The employee will start in one department, learning all of the intricacies of that specific area of landscaping, and then only move onto the next department once they thoroughly understand the previous one.

For instance, one might start in irrigation and then move into maintaining large properties, and then small property maintenance and then administrative work, and then from running a crew to understanding payroll to enhancements and design to working with a branch manager.

The experience is planned out to give the employee a holistic view of landscaping.

While this is great for college graduates who have the education but lack the real world experience and exposure to what actual landscape work is all about, this program is also for anyone who thinks they want to be in landscaping or a certain area of landscaping.

And if you’re set on one area of landscaping like landscape architecture, this program gives you real world applications of those skills so you can see how your job affects everyone else’s jobs, making you substantially better in your role.

Because We Know It Works

How does Native Land Design CEO Ben Collinsworth know this program helps build great landscape managers? He went through a similar program himself after he graduated from college.

He spent two months in the program and then was offered a full-time position as an account manager.

The management training program position is treated just like any other job with a salary and other benefits, such as health care and paid time off.

management training program

The goal is to complete the program and then when you exit become an account manager with your own book of work, a chance for commissions and the ability to make a greater amount of money. While people who join the program aren’t guaranteed a job at the end, Collinsworth has never seen anyone go through this type of program, successfully complete it, and then not get offered a job.

After all, another goal of the program is to continue to build Native Land Design’s bench strength when it comes to having smart, bright, intelligent candidates to fill open positions. Waiting to hire people when you need them is too late; the larger a business gets, the bigger the void when it comes to finding employees. The service business is constantly growing and changing, so we need to keep building up employee strengths so we can fulfill our growth needs.

Looking For a Career in Landscaping?

At Native Land Design, we believe in starting long-term careers where employees are respected and can grow. If you want to learn more about our available positions, contact us at 512-918-2270 or fill out our contact form online today.

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Ben Collinsworth


Before Ben founded Native Land Design in 2001, he earned a Bachelor's degree in Horticulture and Landscape Architecture from Texas A&M University. He’s an active member of ASLA, HBA of Austin, NHBA, PLANET, and BOMA. Ben, his wife and their three children reside in the Cedar Park area.

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