Employee Close-up: Patricia Buckley

Ben Collinsworth

Patricia “Patti” Buckley’s favorite landscape projects are the “ones that go just as planned.”B&W Patti


The organized Buckley joined Native Land Design as an account manager just more than one year ago because it was “exactly the job I was looking for,” she says.



Buckley’s main responsibilities include communicating with property managers, coordinating and managing maintenance crews, and drafting and submitting maintenance contracts and enhancement proposals.


“I’m so happy to have found Native,” she says, “and I’m even happier they hired me.”         


Plants Teach Many Lessons

Like many landscape professionals, early in Buckley’s career, she was blinded by “pretty plants” that weren’t practical.


But she has since learned to bridge the gap between pretty and practical.


“Plants may be pretty, but they have to be practical for the environment you’re planting in,” she says. “Just because something looks good on the cover of Southern Living doesn’t mean it’s going to look good in Texas in summer with 100-degree temperatures.”


While the heat of Texas can be tough to handle sometimes, Texas’ longer growing season is the reason Buckley loves living and working there. “Spring in Central Texas is beauty embodied,” she says.


The People Make the Work Place

In addition to gardening, crafting and dancing, Buckley loves spending time with her husband and son.


                                       Buckley enjoys working with her Native colleague Jessica while Mia and Colby have also been important influences for her.  IMG_0609


“they are intelligent, driven, knowledgeable and witty women,” she says. “Any time I’m in a pickle, I can count on these girls for advice and direction. They all have different horticultural philosophies and I’m so grateful for that.”


Buckley hopes to continue to excel in her current role and even expand into other roles at Native Land Design.


Being a leader is all about perseverance, Buckley believes. “As a leader, it’s not about the cards you’re dealt, but about how you play the hand,” she shares. “A good leader will make the most of a situation and will not give up or make excuses for shortcomings. A good leader will do the best she can with what she’s got. A good leader will never quit despite her obstacles.”

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Ben Collinsworth


Before Ben founded Native Land Design in 2001, he earned a Bachelor's degree in Horticulture and Landscape Architecture from Texas A&M University. He’s an active member of ASLA, HBA of Austin, NHBA, PLANET, and BOMA. Ben, his wife and their three children reside in the Cedar Park area.

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