Erosion Control Options for Houston Commercial Properties

Ben Collinsworth

Understanding erosion control is critical to any Houston commercial property manager who has to deal with slopes on their properties, has a site located near waterways or must fight occasional extreme weather conditions. In fact, not following erosion control processes and procedures during commercial landscape construction can be very costly.

erosion on a slopeMany city and state municipalities have ordinances in place to minimize the level of sediment and other pollutants carried off by runoff into lakes, streams and wetlands. Erosion impacting storm sewers and right-of-ways can even cause inspectors to take notice of erosion control measures on your property.

First, let’s better define erosion. The word erosion means the detachment of soil, sediment or rock/stone fragments caused by water, wind, ice or plain gravity. When this soil is washed away, so are other things in the soil like pesticides and fertilizers. And this is where local municipalities take notice and can fine properties not following proper measures.

Water is the biggest culprit of erosion in Houston. In fact, Houston receives an average rainfall of nearly 53 inches each year—35 percent higher than the national average and 48 percent more than the average rainfall in Texas, says.

But what makes water even more damaging is when heavy rainfall follows extreme drought that makes the ground so hard and dry, lacking the absorption capabilities to properly and quickly soak up rain water before it can wash soil away.

Then when soil is carried away, it can cause uneven ground in the form of cracks, ridges and rises that can actually become safety and tripping hazards on busy commercial facilities.  

Protect your Houston commercial property with these four erosion control options.


1. Get Plant Material on Those Hills—STAT!

A bare hillside is never a good thing to have when a heavy rainstorm hits.

Groundcovers that spread wide and low can help keep soil in place.

Any type of English ivy, Asian jasmine, star jasmine, lantana or other low-growing groundcover can do the trick. In fact, any plant with a taproot can help prevent erosion.  

Plant material should also always be installed with a layer of mulch to absorb water and protect soil from the elements.

2. Fabric Can Stop Erosion Control

erosion control

Using a netting or erosion control fabric to hold the soil in place until new plants are established and slowly become part of the soil is a great way to limit or stop erosion.


3. Hydroseeding Can Help

Like groundcovers, another effective method of preventing soil erosion is to use hydroseeding or a spray-on grass seed.

Grass can be one of the more effective techniques available to address erosion because it’s cost effective and provides fast, full coverage. Grass can grow quickly and cover the ground completely.


4. Erosion Solution: Hillside Stabilization Techniques

Perimeter control methods can also be used to prevent or stop erosion on extreme slopes.  

This includes the installation of silt fencing or retaining walls. Beachfront properties, for instance, sometimes use manmade seawalls to protect them from constant movement of water and sand. This is a similar strategy.


Planning Makes Perfect

Advance planning is the best defense against erosion on your Houston commercial property. There is no soil stabilization problem we can’t solve. Contact a Native Land Design expert at 512-918-2270 or fill out our contact form online today. We offer a free onsite consultation.

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