Top 3 Houston Commercial Landscaping Trends for 2017

Ben Collinsworth

As a Houston commercial property manager or facility manager of an office park, homeowners’ association, retail center or industrial site, you’re probably tweaking your budget for the upcoming year as you put 2016 to bed.

Simultaneously, you might be noticing a few outdoor areas on your site that need some renovation, updates or upgrades. Or maybe you look around and aren’t sure where exactly to target your dollars.

We’ve come to the rescue! Just like other industries, such as fashion, interior design, automotive technology and electronics, share their latest trend predictions for the coming year, so too do landscape professionals.

Here, we highlight three of Houston’s top commercial landscaping trends for 2017. These trends should inspire some creative thinking and help you focus your dollars in areas that could best benefit your commercial property.

Trend #1: New Turfgrass Offers Shady Area Fix

zoysiagrassHouston has great soil conditions and temperate coastal climate that provides the perfect conditions for growing full, lush shade trees.

What results are lots of cool, shady spots.

While those are great for people who want warm weather relief during the hot Texas summers, they aren’t the best for the St. Augustine or Bermudagrass turf beneath, that end up looking decimated because they can’t grow in solid shade.

Enter a new hybrid zoysiagrass that Native Land Design has been using on commercial properties. So far, it’s performed very well in heavily shaded areas. 

Try this new variety under your shade trees and eliminate bare spots for good.

Trend #2: Using Perennials in Commercial Landscape Beds

creeping phloxSure, annuals are all the rage for providing vibrant pops of color throughout the year on Houston commercial landscapes. But did you know perennials can be incorporated into your beds as well, and they provide a ton of benefits to boot.

First of all, perennials are cheaper than annuals because, unlike annuals, they don’t have to be planted three to four times each year. We plant them once a year and they keep coming back in following years, making them exponentially cheaper to install.

On top of that, they don’t need nearly as much care, water or fertilization as their annual counterparts.

Think you’re missing out on visual appeal with perennials? Think again.

Their unique colors, leaf shapes and textures can be just as attractive as annuals. And because they aren’t as commonly practiced, they provide your commercial property with a very unique visual appeal.

Trend #3: Water Conservation

With drought being a continuous struggle in Texas, commercial property managers are getting smarter and smarter when it comes to landscape irrigation.

irrigationToday, smart irrigation systems really do a lot to aid in determining a property’s watering needs by taking into account all of the factors that determine specifics, such as soil moisture, rainfall, sun/shade conditions, plant type and weather patterns.

We can use the science of these systems to schedule your irrigation watering precisely throughout the year.

More importantly, there are new wireless remote-controlled systems that work on sites with consistent Wi-Fi access. These systems give you or your landscape service professional the ability to control your irrigation system from any location at any time.

Both smart controllers and systems and wireless remote-controlled capabilities provide you with more water resource management, in addition to flexibility and freedom.

Keeping Your Property Looking Good And On Trend

Native Land Design has had experience with all three of these trends—from perfecting the look of shady turf areas to incorporating dynamic perennials into bed designs to saving commercial property owners water and money—and we can educate you on them, too, to help you make the best decisions for your property and your specific needs.

Call us for a free onsite consultation at 512-918-2270 or fill out our contact form online today.


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Ben Collinsworth


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