How Much Does it Cost to Add Seasonal Color to Your Landscape?

Ben Collinsworth

cost to add seasonal color to your landscapeBrighten up entries, walkways and other focal points on your property with splashes of seasonal color.

These eye-catching plants can enhance the space and add real curb appeal. But before you decide to start adding some color to your property, you’re probably wondering what the price will be for the project.

Here are factors that will affect the cost of adding seasonal color to your landscape.


Preparing the Area

Before you can start installing color, you’ll have to get the property ready. The amount of work the site needs will affect the project’s price.

If you already have existing beds, the preparation costs should be minimal, with the majority going toward the labor.

The crew will first need to remove existing plants, shrubs and seasonal color. Then, they will loosen the compacted soil to help with planting and the plants’ health. After tilling, they’ll add fertilizer to the soil and often pre-emergent, as well.


Choosing the Plants

Most of the time, seasonal color beds are made up of annuals. They tend to be flashier and provide season-long color. Seasonal color plants can last four to six months if properly maintained.

Less often, perennials with color are added to seasonal beds but are later transported somewhere else on the property during the next change out.

It’s a good idea to order several extra flats of seasonal color plants when doing a change out, keeping them watered in their pots in a safe, sunny area.

That way, you’ll have replacement plants if others die or are damaged. If not, the plants you purchase as replacements will most likely be newer and much smaller in size.


Cost of Color

seasonal color costs in texasThe price of adding seasonal color is going to vary depending on things like the size of the beds, what plants you want and preparation needed.

To get an average of what it would cost to plant annuals in your beds, you can use a rate of $12 per square foot. This is just an estimate and can vary greatly depending on several factors, but this should get you in the ballpark.

To see exactly how much it will cost to add seasonal color to your property, contact a landscaping company.


Maintaining the Space

While seasonal color can really enhance your property, the plants can become an eyesore if they aren’t properly maintained. So when you’re calculating how much it will cost to install the colorful plants, make sure you factor in maintenance costs.

Color does require more attention than your typical shrub or turf, so it is important to make sure you consider the cost of more maintenance labor. Here’s what the cost of annual maintenance should cover:

  • Fertilizer
  • Trimming and deadheading
  • Spraying pesticides
  • Servicing irrigation systems to make sure they are watering plants correctly
  • Replacing and moving plants, as needed

The plants will need to be fertilized throughout the growing cycle. There’s actually special fertilizer that can help promote more frequent and longer lasting blooms.

Trimming is also an important part of maintenance, and some of the plants will need to be trimmed as often as every week. The flowers that are dying or fading need to be deadheaded, as well.

Weekly maintenance visits should include checking for insects, servicing irrigation systems and replacing any plants that have died.


Start Adding Color

Now’s the perfect time to begin working with a commercial landscaping company to add seasonal color to your property.

Native Land Design’s experienced team installs bold, seasonal color in high-visibility areas to enhance and liven up landscapes. We also offer maintenance services to keep your property looking its best year round.

Native Land Design is a commercial maintenance landscape company located in Houston, Austin and McAllen that offers a full list of services like landscape design, construction, enhancements, maintenance and irrigation.

Contact Native Land Design to start adding some color to your landscape!

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