How to Get Rid of Spider Mites on Cypress and Cedar Trees

Ben Collinsworth

We’ve all heard horror stories about how pests and diseases have wreaked havoc on trees, completely devastating properties.

Luckily, most instances aren’t that extreme and can be fixed if you know the warning signs and take quick action. So, it’s important you have someone maintaining your landscape who knows when trees are in distress and what’s causing the issues — whether it’s the result of insects or the Texas drought season.

What And Where Are Spider Mites?

Take steps to get rid of spider mites on cypress and cedar trees.A common pest we see a lot of around the state is the spider mite. They are attracted to hot, dry conditions, and Texas definitely has plenty of that. Spider mites are mostly found on the underside of leaves and leave behind silk webs, eggs and damage.

Some trees that are susceptible to this insect include cypress and cedar trees. Here are a few varieties that are especially known for having spider mites:

  • Italian cypress
  • Leyland cypress
  • Bald cypress
  • Hinoki cypress

Early signs of spider mite damage include spots on foliage or leaves that curl up and fall off. While they are more of an aesthetic concern, spider mites can kill some plants if there is a really large population of them. If you see signs of this pest, you’ll want to take steps to end their destructive path.

So how can you get rid of spider mites on cypress and cedar trees?

Take A Natural Approach To Spider Mites

marks on a leafThe normal course of action to deal with insects is spraying a chemical pesticide on the infected area. But that might not be the best solution if your trees have spider mites.

Pesticides will kill beneficial insects that prey on spider mites, and the mites can also develop a resistance to the chemicals. So instead of taking that approach, here are some other options for getting rid of spider mites.

  • Prune branches that have spider mites on them. Make sure to cut past any webbing or plant damage you see, and put the branch into a trash bag after pruning to keep from spreading the mites to other plants.
  • Spray plants to wash off the mites.
  • Keep the trees well irrigated since plant stress and dry conditions can attract spider mites and other insects.
  • Spot treat the trees with insecticidal soap.
  • In extreme situations, you could apply a less-toxic pesticide.

The best course of action for your spider mite infestation depends on the extent of damage on your trees. So, it’s important to find a commercial landscape company who understands how to spot insects and knows the best solution to keep your plants healthy.

Bring In A Pest And Tree Expert

cedarYour maintenance company should be your eyes on the property and catch any potential issues before they become major ones. That should include proactive services like checking plants for pests, watching for signs of stress in turf and plants and ensuring the irrigation system is working correctly.

Landscape maintenance shouldn’t just be about giving your property curb appeal, so hire a company that provides a full scope of services.

Native offers environmentally friendly commercial landscape enhancementsmaintenance, design, construction and irrigation services for commercial properties in Austin, Houston and McAllen, Texas.

Our experienced team knows how to inspect and treat trees that have pest problems, and we will keep you updated on their progress throughout.

You have enough on your plate already, so don’t add dealing with insects and plant damage to your list.

Call Native at 512-918-2270, or fill out a form online to schedule a free onsite consultation and see how we can enhance your landscape.

Get Rid of Spider Mites For Good

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