How To Prepare Your Commercial Landscape for Drought Season

Ben Collinsworth

Commercial Property Drought SeasonYou want your commercial property to look its best year round.

But, that can be difficult during a drought, especially in Texas.

To get your commercial landscape ready for the season, you need to focus on water management, turf maintenance and finding a professional to help you with it all.

Here are five ways to prepare for drought season.


Know When and How to Water

You want to use water efficiently, no matter the temperature or weather conditions. So, get in the habit of using these watering techniques to save money and natural resources to prepare for the drought.

Water the turf between evening and early morning, avoiding the hottest parts of the day. That will help cut back on losing water from evaporation.

Be sure you don’t underwater the grass, as that does little to alleviate drought stress. Instead, give the plants a weekly soaking, making sure the soil is wet 5 to 6 inches deep. That will allow the moisture in the soil to reach the roots.

On the other hand, you don’t want to water too heavily that it drowns the plants. Symptoms of overwatering include leaves turning brown and then the entire plant turning brown or various shades of yellow.

Depending on where you are in Texas, you may be restricted to watering your landscape to certain days or times. So, check with your local municipality or landscape company to see if there are regulations.

To make sure your irrigation system is working correctly before the drought season hits, have an irrigation technician perform an irrigation audit. It will show if the system is damaged, spraying surfaces, putting out too much water or not using enough.

And if you don’t currently have an irrigation system, now is the time to get one installed. There are a variety of types and choices available, so talk with a landscaper to see which one will work best for your commercial property.


Plant with a Purpose

prepare for drought seasonYou can also let foliage help you during the drought.

By installing native plants, you’ll cut back on water usage and the amount of maintenance needed.

These plants will be more drought-resistant than non-native varieties.

Trees can also help reduce soil evaporation and protect nearby turf and plants with its shade.

Adding mulch around your plants will help keep moisture in, as well, which is especially helpful during a drought.

Reduce Traffic

Turf becomes stressed during a drought, and it is more easily damaged with foot or equipment traffic.

To keep people from walking on the turf during drought conditions, place barriers around the grassy areas.

You can use signs that discourage walking on the grass or install small, decorative fencing along the walkways.


Cut Back on Chemicals

Fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals can also stress lawns during the drought season, so they should be used at a minimum.

Plus, fertilizers will make the turf grow faster, which will require more water to maintain. So, save the chemicals for fall application.


Call a Professional

To help you understand what your property needs, talk with a licensed professional who offers lawn maintenance, irrigation and chemical services. We can come out to your commercial property and evaluate the best ways to prepare for drought season.

At Native Land Design, we offer a wide range of services including maintenance, irrigation systems and low-maintenance plant material. Our goal is to improve your landscape, no matter the season.

Prepare your commercial landscape for this year’s drought by contacting Native Land Design today.

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