Proven Ways for Watering Large Container Plants on Your Property

Ben Collinsworth

It’s hard to escape the Texas heat this time of year. And for your landscape, it’s pretty much impossible — minus the occasional shade — making your irrigation system especially important.

Your irrigation system should reach all of your landscaped areas (if it was designed correctly), but what about those stunning container plants placed near entrances, walkways and other high-traffic areas? A typical irrigation system probably isn’t going to reach those.

So to keep your container plants happy and healthy, you’ll need to have a watering plan in place.

Here are options for watering large container plants on your commercial property and mistakes to avoid.

Add Irrigation to Planters

While your current irrigation system isn’t designed to reach containers, you can add irrigation to them.

watering large container plantsA drip-irrigation system will be the best choice to make sure the water reaches the plant evenly. You can actually retrofit your current irrigation system to include drip irrigation components.

This can be a pretty self-sufficient option if the planters are well drained. If they aren’t, you’ll need someone with a keen eye to make sure they don’t get too much water — especially after receiving a lot of rain.

In the event the container does get too much water in it, a professional can pump the water back out for you to avoid damaging the plant.

Work Around Current Design

Many times, large container plants aren’t
designed into the property from the beginning. They are often added to the property later on.

So, they might not have drainage currently in place because clients don’t want to see them drain across the concrete: Not only is that unsightly, but it can lead to slip-and-fall accidents or other liability issues.

In those instances, it’s going to be difficult to ensure the plant is getting the right amount of water. And if the person onsite isn’t trained to know what an overwatered vs. under-watered plant looks like, they could have a hard time adjusting the soil to the right moisture level — ultimately stunting the plant’s growth or, even worse, killing it.

Knowing the right amount of water for the pot and plant takes some practice. You can’t really put a number on it and say you should water X amount of days.

Instead, you need to account for things like the amount of rain we receive, how the pot drains and the type of plant material in the pot to see how much water it needs.

And once you figure that out for one plant, multiple it by the hundreds of pots on a large commercial property — which makes any problem exponential.

Let Native Water Your Large Container Plants

At Native, we offer container planter waterings as a porter service for our commercial landscaping clients.

You won’t have to guess if your plants are getting enough (or too much) water

A Native Land Design truck

Our irrigation and water management services also include installing irrigation systems, adding upgrades, performing irrigation audits and maintaining everything. We’ll suggest ways to lower your utility costs and become more sustainable, making sure your site is as efficient as possible.

Want to enjoy the benefits of having large container plants without all of the watering guesswork? Call us at 512-918-2270, or schedule a free consultation online.

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