3 Reasons Why Taking Your Landscape Survey is Important

Ben Collinsworth

One surefire way to keep your customers satisfied is to survey them.     survey


Surveys provide your customers with the opportunity to honestly—and even anonymously—give your company feedback on your service. This can provide you with great perspective on what you’re doing well and what you could improve upon.

But, unfortunately, you’re not the only one to come to this realization on the power of surveys. In fact, nothing is loved or hated more in the world of marketing than the online survey. While the tool’s intentions start out admirably from the company sending it your way, the medium turns your email into a full inbox of random links to 30-plus question surveys that may or may not be about a product or service you use. So you end up deleting them.


However, just because the players have multiplied and too many marketers have tarnished the reputation of surveys doesn’t mean you have to hate the survey game.


When you’re staring at an inbox of survey requests, which ones do you take the five to 10 minutes to answer?


We’re here to tell you why taking your landscape customer survey is important to keep on the top of your to-do list.


  1. Answering Our Survey Can Improve Your Service Quality

At Native Land Design, survey responses give us the tools we need to improve our operations.


service-qualityEvery fall, we send a survey to our clients to gauge how we’re doing as a quality service provider. This is your chance to tell us how we can improve the look and aesthetics of your Texas commercial property.


If some of our operations, such as how we handle detail work, really impresses you, telling us ensures we will continue that practice. If there’s something we need to improve upon, such as scheduling, sharing that with us means we’ll find a way to better adapt to your schedule and find every way we can improve how we meet your commercial landscape needs.




    2.  Answering Our Survey Can Make Us Easier to Do Business With 

Our goal at Native Land Design is to be as easy to do business with as possible. That means we take steps to try and best understand your business and professional goals and needs. An example of this is we use a lot of the latest technology tools to have your customer information readily available so we can answer questions and respond promptly.


What other things we can do that can make us easier for you to manage and work with? We regularly analyze our performance, scheduling, communication and invoicing, looking through the lens of your priorities and needs, in order to simplify and streamline our service.


  1. Answering Our Survey Can Have an Impact On Your Daily Job as a Property Manager

Many surveys you come across and have filled out may have had no personal impact on you or your daily life.


By telling us how doing business with us can be easier on your daily life, we can better our communication and help eliminate your headaches and time-wasters in order to make you more efficient and help you do your job more effectively.


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Ben Collinsworth


Before Ben founded Native Land Design in 2001, he earned a Bachelor's degree in Horticulture and Landscape Architecture from Texas A&M University. He’s an active member of ASLA, HBA of Austin, NHBA, PLANET, and BOMA. Ben, his wife and their three children reside in the Cedar Park area.

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