The Top 4 Landscape Enhancements For Your Texas Medical Facility

Ben Collinsworth

A medical facility should be a welcoming site where people come for treatment, healing and visiting others.

And that calming experience should start from the moment people step foot on the property.

Check out why and how you can transform your medical facility with these landscape enhancements.

Why Enhance Your Commercial Landscape?

memorial herman medical in texasBeyond improving your property’s appearance and value, enhancing your commercial landscape can also have some medicinal benefits, as well.

After reviewing the medical records of people recovering from gallbladder surgery, Roger Ulrich (who now works at Texas A&M University) and his team found people who had windows overlooking the leafy trees healed a day faster, according to Scientific American.

Here are just a few of the benefits gardens and landscaped spaces can have on patients and visitors after just three to five minutes:
  • Encourages healing
  • Reduces anger
  • Lowers anxiety
  • Reduces pain

Ready to bring these benefits to your Texas medical facility? Here are the Top 4 landscape enhancements to add to your property.

Add Color and Texture with Plants

Screen_Shot_2016-01-26_at_5.11.20_PM.pngNative plants, trees and shrubs can really transform your site. There are plant varieties that will bring color, texture and shade to the space.

Installing plants can make a huge impact at a medical facility. And using native varieties will reduce the amount of water and maintenance needed — a real win-win.

Mixing ornamental grasses, flowers and trees will create different levels of visual interest. Plus, all of this green space will help balance paved areas like sidewalks and parking lots. Arrange the plants so they can be enjoyed from both inside and out.

Reduce Property’s Water Usage

memorial herman medical in texasIn addition to native plants, installing and updating your site’s irrigation system can make a huge impact on your landscape and wallet.

If you don’t already have an irrigation system, installing one can reduce your water usage, provide the right amount of water for each plant zone and prevent wastage.

You can enhance current systems with a variety of add-ons and upgrades, including smart controllers, soil sensors and rain shutoff devices. These upgrades have a fairly low cost to install, with a high ROI.

Beyond irrigation systems, you can also implement stormwater management strategies to prevent water from causing damage, flooding or soil erosion. Some solutions include landscaping/grading, adding retention/detention ponds, installing permeable pavement and redirecting roof downspouts.

Create Relaxing Common Spaces

memorial-herman-medical-texas-2-599128-edited.jpgGive patients, visitors and employees somewhere to sit and relax outside of your facility with common areas.

Adding patios with benches, tables and chairs can really enhance your property. Modern furniture is especially popular with millennials. Make sure the sitting spaces have shade and are well lit.

Not only will these spaces add value to the site, but they can also increase the morale of everyone who visits them. The facility could even hold meetings or therapy sessions there to give people some natural light and fresh air.

Why Landscape Lighting is Important

Installing landscape lighting will not only enhance your site’s aesthetics, but it will also help add safety and security to your property — two things that are vital to medical facilities.

You can add path lights along walkways and downlights from large trees to shine onto your patio or common area spaces. Placing uplights around your building and entryways can also help reduce criminal activity.

But no matter where you install the lights, make sure they are at an angle that won’t blind people or create some sort of runway affect. Using LED lights on your property can make your site more efficient, as well.

Start Enhancing Your Texas Medical Facility

There’s so much more to a medical facility than providing treatment and resources for patients and visitors. Another important aspect of running a successful facility includes a welcoming, enhanced landscape.

To bring these outdoor elements to your property, work with a commercial landscaping company with the right skills, experience, equipment and passion for their work.

Native Land Design provides commercial landscaping services like landscape enhancements, design, maintenance, construction, irrigation and water management. We use sustainable practices and materials to help make your medical facility more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Our team services Austin, Houston and McAllen, Texas, and we would love to work with you to start enhancing your medical facility today.

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