Fall Landscaping "To-Do" List for Property Managers

Ben Collinsworth


Texas commercial properties have faced a good freeze already this fall, and the grass is finally dormant.


The landscape appears to finally be going to bed for the winter.  


But this doesn’t mean you should neglect your commercial landscape. There are some important tasks that are essential for you to keep at the top of your priority list to help prepare your Texas property for the coming year and active growing season.

Fall Commercial Landscape To-Do #1: Conduct a Landscape Assessment

Throughout the year, you spend a lot of time putting out fires on your property.


But stopping for a minute to take the time to truly assess what’s happening in your commercial landscape and planning for the future is a crucial step in being proactive versus reactive and, as a result, eliminating issues and headaches.


Late fall is the perfect time of year for a landscape assessment. The active growing season has come to an end. You can stop and look around at the general state of the overall landscape and determine not only what should be on your immediate fall commercial landscape to-do list, but also look ahead three years at items that should be on your radar.


For instance, are plants outgrowing their spaces? Your landscape professional can put together a plan to keep beds fresh and prevent overgrowth.


Are water restrictions impacting certain landscape beds or areas on your property? We can come up with a plan to change those areas over time to save your plants and keep costs down while maximizing aesthetic benefits on your property.


05072018  Native Land Design-40While we don’t winterize irrigation systems in our areas, we do need to change your irrigation system schedule to accommodate the changing weather.  We also need to look at the age of your irrigation system. Does it need repairs or replacement parts anytime soon? Knowing this now could save you time and money in the future.




Fall Commercial Landscape To-Do #2: Don’t Ignore Your Trees

As part of your landscape assessment, keep a close eye on your trees. Are there damaged or overgrown branches that risk breaking during a winter ice storm? Conducting any major structural pruning, including removing dead, diseased or damaged branches, can eliminate liabilities on your Texas commercial property.


Also, taking care of tree pruning now while they are near dormant ensures they can better recover from those cuts and focus their energies on growth come springtime.


Fall Commercial Landscape To-Do #3: Perennial Maintenance is a Must

Now is also the time to cut back your perennials, such as ornamental grasses and lantana. For instance, last week, lantana was frozen and is now brown. This is a great time to prune it back.


Native Land Design makes perennial cutbacks throughout the fall and winter seasons based on the type of plant and the best time to cut it back.


Fall Commercial Landscape To-Do #4: Time for Mulch.                        05072018  Native Land Design-13

If fall mulch applications aren’t in your contract, make sure you consider mulch applications now to help your commercial landscape beds retain water, hold down weeds and protect plants from winter freezes.


Don’t ‘Fall’ Behind

Your Texas commercial landscape is going to sleep for the year. But before it does, take the time now to prepare it for its best return in spring of 2019.


Need help with a landscape assessment and conducting fall must-dos on your commercial landscape? Contact Native Land Design for a free onsite consultation at 512-918-2270 or fill out our contact form online today.


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Ben Collinsworth


Before Ben founded Native Land Design in 2001, he earned a Bachelor's degree in Horticulture and Landscape Architecture from Texas A&M University. He’s an active member of ASLA, HBA of Austin, NHBA, PLANET, and BOMA. Ben, his wife and their three children reside in the Cedar Park area.

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