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Ben Collinsworth

At Native you don’t have to look too hard to find us squeezing some fun into our busy schedule. Weather it’s the company cookoff, a trip to Washington, an annual kick off meeting, or even a trip to a vineyard, we are always up to something.  We certainly recognize the importance of hard work and customer service, but making Native a great place to work and feel at home is also a priority.

The National Collegiate Landscape Competition: “Talent Everywhere”

Ben Collinsworth

As Chris Rhodes looked out on the sea of horticulture students in the community college auditorium in North Carolina, he liked what he saw.

“To sit there at the opening ceremony and see this huge auditorium filled tells me the industry is as healthy as it’s ever been,” says Rhodes, director of marketing and business development at Native Land Design.

He’s talking about the The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) National Collegiate Landscape Competition (NCLC), an annual four-day event that brings together the best landscape and horticulture students, top industry companies and dozens of the biggest industry manufacturers and suppliers.

“I competed here in 1999, and it’s just gotten bigger,” Rhodes says. “And for the larger schools, the students attending are just a fraction of their departments. We just saw the tip of the iceberg. The talent pool seems endless.”

Looking Back, Looking Ahead And Being Part Of A Team: Native Land Design’s Annual Meeting

Ben Collinsworth

Every year the Native Land Design team gets together for a day to review the past year, look ahead to the future and maybe go home with a really big TV.

As all this unfolds, they become a more cohesive team — and get to know each other a little better.

“It’s a sort of state of the union,” says Chris Rhodes, Native Land’s director of marketing and business development.

Rhodes offers a look at the day’s events — and why this meeting matters.

Celebrating Women in the Green Industry

Ben Collinsworth

Did you know March 8th was International Women’s Day?

Around the world, people celebrated women and the amazing social, economic, cultural and political achievements they have made and continue to make every day. They also recognized the strong influence and impact women have on the world around us.

When it comes to the world of landscaping, women also make an impressive impact. In the U.S., the first third of the 20th century saw the rise of women in the fields of landscaping. Today, they are thriving in various areas of the business.

At Native Land Design, we celebrate our amazing female team members. Here is a glimpse inside what some of them do and what they enjoy most about their work making your landscapes better places to work, live and play every day.

Employee Close-up: Matt Davis

Ben Collinsworth

Have an idea brewing in your head about how your Texas commercial property entranceway or most visible area should look?

Matt Davis, landscape designer with Native Land Design, might be the one who can bring that vision living in your head to life in a whole new and creative way.

Taking a simple idea and transforming it into a space that gives a community its personality is his forte while designing landscape enhancements and creating estimates at Native Land Design.

“I really enjoy doing the designs around monument signs,” Matt says of his favorite jobs. “That might be for a commercial retail center or a neighborhood HOA, but no matter what type of property it is, the entrance landscape is usually someone’s first impression of a site, and I enjoy helping create that first impression.”

Grow Your Career With Our Management Training Program

Ben Collinsworth

Thinking of pursuing a job as a landscape professional?

The allure of nature and creating beautiful community landscapes is a big draw for those who want to work with Texas greenspaces.

But figuring out what job you want to pursue within the vast world of landscape management and maintenance can be tricky. There are so many areas of interest—each with their own nuances.

By enrolling in a management training program, one can explore the inner workings of a landscape business, diving into each specific facet, to understand the business as a whole … and find a special niche for themselves to boot.

Native Land Design just started a management training program to help you do just that. And they are eager to see a few candidates join their program this year.

Employee Close-up: Facundo Rodriguez Miranda

Ben Collinsworth

Does your first hire still work for you?

Employee longevity and loyalty is rare today. And the cost of employee turnover is fairly high. Every employee you lose can cost a significant amount in lost revenue, time and training.

In addition to the significant savings in recruiting, hiring and training, the longer an employee stays with your company, the more they develop an understanding of your market, services and clients, translating into better customer service and product quality.

So it’s quite a gift to have employee loyalty in place at one’s company.

Facundo Rodriguez Miranda, crew leader/driver at Native Land Design, was the first person Ben Collinsworth, president of Native Land Design, hired more than 15 years ago.

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Peer Group Pros Talk Sales in Austin

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The Better Than Both peer group, facilitated by landscape industry consultant Bruce Wilson, held a Sales Summit in Austin, Texas, Sept. 19-21. It was hosted by Native Land Design and drew 71 attendees from the seven peer group company members and another 15 attendees from sponsors.