Arbor Walk: An Open-air Community Lifestyle Center

When you have to get something done … run some important errands, stop and grab breakfast or a quick bite at lunch and you live in Austin, Texas, you probably enjoy stopping by The Shops at Arbor Walk.

the sign at the front of arbor walkThe Shops at Arbor Walk are located at the intersection of North MoPac Expressway and Braker Lane. This open-air community lifestyle center serves the communities of north Austin.

Home to more than 30 stores and eateries, including retailers like Marshalls, Carter’s, Sketchers, The Home Depot, Massage Envy, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store and DSW Designer Show Warehouse, as well as dining options like BJ’s Brewhouse, Potbelly Sandwich Works and Lupe Tortilla, The Shops at Arbor Walk is sure to have everything a shopper needs on his or her list.

The Shops at Arbor Walk is managed by Washington Prime Group, a premier real estate investment trust with a portfolio of 119 enclosed regional malls and open-air lifestyle community centers.

A retail center like The Shops at Arbor Walk, offering a plethora of food and shopping options that start early in the morning and close after dark, requires a meticulous appearance at all times. The Native Land Design crew has taken care of this property since 2008—nearly 10 years. And they are successfully juggling the diverse needs of its client.

Smart & Safe Scheduling

Because some of the restaurants at The Shops at Arbor Walk offer breakfast, they are open at 6:30 a.m. That gives a landscape professional little time to maintain the site when there are no customers or employees around. So that means work must be done in those early hours knowing there will be people around.

To battle these busy times, Native Land Design gets on the property as early as possible and is mindful of operating equipment and vehicles in spots where there is increased traffic or when it’s still dark outside as the sun is rising. They also have to pay extra special attention to the times they do parking lot island maintenance so they don’t kick up pebbles and hit vehicles or pedestrians.

Native Land Design also commits to solid and regular communication with the client so they know whether they have to have special cleanup done before important holidays or events.


While The Shops at Arbor Walk don’t offer large expanses of turf to maintain (roughly only 2 acres), they do have a lot of smaller areas that need meticulous care.

First, there are containers located throughout the property. Native Land Design does two color change outs each year—in spring and fall. In April, the flowers are pastel colors like pinks and yellows and purples. In October, the colors change to deep reds like those of snap dragons and red with white trim in dianthus and the spots of white.

To keep these containers watered, especially in the Texas summer heat, Native Land Design employs a porter to visit the site weekly to water all of the pots.

Also, the property is roughly 10 years old. So there are a lot of mature trees and shrubs on site. This means regular pruning and trimming to ensure unobstructed pathways for pedestrians and particularly vehicles. Every entrance to the property exits to a 50 mile-per-hour road, so clear visibility is essential for safety.

Renovation & Renewal

Around the storefronts at The Shops at Arbor Walk are 25 beds. Since they’ve been there for quite a while, renovation happens to keep the beds fresh. Native Land Design gives each shop owner the option of renovating one bed or 10 beds at once. Depending on the size they can pick and choose which ones they’d like refreshed.


planting beds around the stores

The goal is to not block store names and signage and keep landscaping consistent throughout but yet personalized by each shop’s signage.

Retail Radiance

Native Land Design has been a partner with The Shops at Arbor Walk from its beginning, and the team is excited to continue providing top-notch service to this popular and busy commercial property.

To learn more about what Native Land Design can do for you, give us a call at 512-918-2270 or fill out our contact form online today. We offer a free onsite consultation.


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  • More than 30 stores and eateries
  • 25 planting beds
  • Mature trees and shrubs


Robbie Huang - Director of Operations, Native Land Design

"Our goal is to keep the landscaping consistent throughout but yet personalized by each shop’s signage."

Robbie Huang - Director of Operations, Native Land Design