Falcon Pointe is an HOA master planning community in Pflugerville, Texas

When you live in one of the 1,300 homes in Falcon Pointe, you belong to something special, says the HOA, adding: “A real community of people with unique stores that weave together, creating a beautiful place where neighbors are friends and friends are family. It’s clear these families moved here for a reason—to live and work, laugh and play together in their homes, yards, parks and pools."

Falcon Pointe

What makes the property so special is that everything one could imagine is located right in the community, including:

  • A 25-acre central park that is owned by the city of Pflugerville, but that the HOA maintains.
  • A splash park with water fountains for children to play in that also belongs to the city but that the HOA maintains.
  • A dog park.
  • A private pool.
  • Two sand volleyball courts.
  • A basketball court.
  • A tennis court.
  • An elementary school.
  • A junior high school.
  • A high school.

Native Land Design started working with Falcon Pointe 18 months ago. The project was under development by Newland Real Estate Group, one of the more prestigious developers in the area that Native has worked with before. The property was managed by Goodwin Management, also someone Native has done business with in the past. It was a project the company felt it could be proud to take on.

Communication On Texas Landscape Needs Is Key

When dealing with 1,300 different residents, there are 1,300 different opinions getting filtered through the HOA board of directors to the landscape professional. It’s essentially being critiqued by 1,300 people who have come from all over the country to settle in this Texas community, and they brought all of their perceptions of Northeast U.S. landscapes with them. Therefore, their expectations are usually a bit different from what kind of landscapes work and thrive in Texas.

To help answer common homeowner questions and educate them on Texas’ special landscape conditions and issues, Native Land Design holds regular landscape seminars for Falcon Pointe homeowners. The information comes from well-known horticulturists in the market and provides lots of photos so homeowners can see the material visually. For instance, one topic was on programing irrigation controllers to show homeowners how to get the most water on their landscapes and the least amount of water on pavement.

Keeping that communication open also means meeting with the property manager weekly to filter through questions or issues, providing them the tools they need to respond to homeowner inquiries.

4.jpgSafety First

Because three schools are located on the property and their frontage and play fields are part of the landscape maintenance contract, scheduling and safety are huge components of the project.

The company sequences its activities so that they are servicing school grounds when children are already in classes to avoid landscape trucks and equipment being in the way of busy drop off and pick up windows. There is a very small window of opportunity each week to service the playfield as well. To stay updated on these service opportunity windows, Native makes a weekly map of how the six-man crew will maneuver through the property three days a week and makes minor adjustments based on scheduling needs.

Safety means making sure they aren’t traveling too fast on equipment and always stropping and checking for pedestrians and people using the public parks. It’s not a typical production job where one knows they have two hours to complete the work; once on site, the crew has to slow down every 50 feet to make sure they are navigating the site safely.

Another big challenge on the site is irrigation. Native must deal with Pflugerville watering restrictions so the watering window is limited to ensure all of the property’s zones receive enough water. Constant communication with the property manager and HOA board help them understand what their priorities are and what areas have to receive the most attention whenever they’re irrigating.

3.jpgWe Work There and Live There

Native is in a two-year contract with Falcon Pointe and they are looking forward to working with the HOA’s board to continue their work on the site. It’s a special site for the company, not only because it’s such a special and unique community, but because the property manager and Native’s employee in charge of the site, Robbie Huang, actually lives in the community. “It’s personal for both of us, so we want to do what’s best for the community,” Huang says. “It’s great to maintain amenities in a community that we see being fully utilized on a daily basis; it makes us feel good.”

To learn more, give us a call at 512-918-2270 or fill out our contact form online today. We offer a free onsite consultation.

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  • A 25-acre central park
  • A splash park with water fountains
  • Volleyball, basketball, and tennis courts
  • A private pool


Falcon Pointe Resident

A real community of people with unique stores that weave together, creating a beautiful place where neighbors are friends and friends are family. It’s clear these families moved here for a reason—to live and work, laugh and place together in their homes, yards, parks and pools.

Falcon Pointe Resident