Mid-America Apartment Communities: Providing Superior Service and Value for its Residents

When it comes to Austin apartment living, Mid-America Apartment Communities (MAA) strives to provide superior service and value for its residents.

The organization’s mission is, “Our Brighter View,” and this is something it strives to do every day at all of its multifamily living complexes. This vision is proudly displayed in plaques at every MAA office just to serve as a daily reminder of its focus. For MAA, this means “remaining true to our rich tradition of service to each other, to our residents and to our shareholders. We respect the privilege to provide value to those whose lives we touch.”



So it offers its residents some special perks. For instance, renters can choose the colors they want to paint the walls and trim in their apartments. Each facility has two onsite car wash and vacuum stations for its tenants, and some of the communities even include walking trails.

Since MAA believes a home is more than an address — it’s a place to build your life — it gives high priority to its outside amenities and aesthetics just as much as its inside ones.

The company also makes sustainable living a priority by creating a socially responsible living environment and a better quality of life for residents.

From more efficient, longer lasting, exterior lighting to on-site recycling to rainwater harvesting and drought-tolerant plants to Energy Star appliances and online leasing tools to reduce paper waste, MAA prioritizes sustainable choices. Water conservation is also highly prioritized. Smart irrigation practices, such as implementing weather-based control systems, low-flow irrigation devices and the use of reclaimed and well water are in place across many of its communities.

To keep its sustainable, outdoor areas appealing to its current and future tenants, MAA recently hired Native Land Design to maintain 10 of its 18 Austin locations.

Perfecting The Basics

Since Native Land Design just took over the properties, which include 57 acres of landscaping, grass and beds, they started with winter maintenance practices, including cutting back perennials and ornamental grasses, before spring starts. Annual tree trimming is also taking place now. In March, Native Land Design will complete seasonal flower and mulch installations.

Seasonal flowers for MAA properties will include sweet potato vines and coleus.

Regular maintenance will include mowing and trimming, as well as fertilization and preemergent and postemergent herbicide treatments to control weeds. They will also keep trails, pathways and walkways clear of overhanging plantings.


Going forward, Native Land Design is working on helping the property managers plan capital improvements for MAA properties.

Communication Is Everything

MAA hired Native Land Design to take over their landscaping this year because they wanted better communication.

Native Land Design works with onsite property managers for each of the 10 locations it maintains, in addition to a regional landscape director. That’s 11 different minds with different preferences for their properties.

While each community is concerned with best practices, they each have different layouts but similar plant palettes.


Large Containers

To meet MAA’s communication standards, Native Land Design has an account manager overseeing their entire portfolio, conducting weekly inspections and communications. She will also join all the property managers on their monthly assessments. Weekly, the Native crews on sites have to go into their respective MAA offices and sign into log books to indicate what they’re doing on the properties that day. Conducting face-to-face visits and providing paper trails and emails help keep communication lines open.

Exceptional Service Is Top Priority

Native Land Design is proud to help MAA carry out its mission to provide exceptional service.

To learn more about what Native Land Design can do for you, give us a call at 512-918-2270 or fill out our contact form online today. We offer a free onsite consultation.

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  • Onsite Car Wash and Vacuum Stations
  • Walking Trails
  • Dog Parks


Chris Rhodes, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Native Land Design

We provide Mid-America Apartment Communities with a consistent level of service throughout their entire portfolio. Upon entering one of their sites, the landscape is the first thing you see and by using the same annual color at all sites, it allows them to create an extremely strong brand identity.

Chris Rhodes, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Native Land Design