Wolf Ranch Town Center: Targeting High-Impact Areas

Finding a vendor that will take the time to understand your unique goals and needs is no easy task. But, that’s exactly what you need when it comes to hiring a company to maintain your commercial property’s landscape.

You want a site that stands out from the rest to attract tenants and visitors, and those are things cookie-cutter maintenance services just can’t get you.

The team at Wolf Ranch Town Center knew how important it was to hire a landscaping company that not only understood the different elements of the high-end site but could provide an end product that was up to their standards.

Attracting Shoppers With Stores, Outdoor Style

This commercial retail property opened in Georgetown, Texas, in 2005 and spans 105 acres. Off of I-35 South and University Avenue, the shopping and dining center is especially popular with students and staff from Southwestern University.

Wolf Ranch Outdoor Style

“As Georgetown’s leading open-air marketplace, Wolf Ranch Town Center boasts an exciting roster of more than 80 retailers and dining options,” says Rhonda Pritchard, general manager of Wolf Ranch.

Some of their popular fashion and lifestyle brands include Kohl’s, Target, Kirkland’s, Texas Bright Ideas, Old Navy, Charming Charlie, DSW, Justice, LOFT, Cloud 9 Bridal and Yankee Candle.

“Wolf Ranch is proud to offer an eclectic mix of nationally recognized and locally owned retailers all in one location for guests to take advantage of our one-stop shopping experience,” Pritchard says.

They have bench areas surrounded by plants, walkways, plant beds outside of stores, grand entrances, trees incorporated into the walkways, green areas and much more. And all of that needs to look its best year round.

The outdoor spaces have to keep up with the center’s growing list of brands and attract shoppers to them to provide the complete experience.

Focusing On Unique Landscaping Features

Every commercial property has areas that require a little more attention than the rest, and Wolf Ranch is no exception — although every part of their landscape is important. They have historical trees, larger planters and native plants mixed with lush green areas that help set the site apart. So, they wanted to make sure these were a focus for the maintenance team.

“The planters must be hand watered weekly and maintained to look full and healthy year round,” says Pritchard, who took over the property in February 2015. “In addition, we have a few key areas that require seasonal planting to keep entrances and the main drive looking fresh and new.”

Ensuring all of those features were properly maintained to their high standards was a top priority for Wolf Ranch, Pritchard says.

Full and Lush Landscape at Wolf Ranch

Their goals for the outdoor spaces include “keeping the landscape full and lush, while incorporating native species that will carry the property’s landscape from season to season, looking fresh,” she adds.

So, Wolf Ranch turned to Native for their commercial landscaping services and expertise.

Native maintains the irrigation system, planters, installs seasonal plants, mows, controls weeds and keeps the entire landscape looking pristine.

“The most important areas of concentration are the featured landscape beds and fountain plantings,” says Robbie Huang, director of operations for Native. “The main focus of our service is making the landscape beds look good at all times.”

Native is also mindful of the tenants and shoppers as they work so there is minimal disturbance to them. The crew knows it’s not just about helping the property management team reach its goals, but it’s also just as important to create a safe, secure, visible and welcoming outdoor area for anyone who visits.

Building A Beneficial Partnership

Every good working relationship has a few things in common: trust, respect, open lines of communication and a common understanding of the goal (and how to successfully reach it). Those are all important aspects of the customer service Native offers to its clients.

“What makes this relationship successful is our ability to effectively communicate with both the onsite general manager and the operations manager,” Huang says. “On this property, our role of making sure that everyone is on the same page makes us successful.”


That level of connection is something Pritchard has noticed, as well. She says Native is quick to return her calls and respond to the property’s needs. That’s due in part to Native having a mow crew and a detail crew that service the property twice a week.

“It enables us to respond to her urgent needs more effectively,” Huang says.

Being able to openly discuss concerns and then have those addressed on the retail property is another reason this partnership works for both parties.

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  • Opened in 2005
  • 105 Acres
  • More Than 80 Retailers/Dining Options


Rhonda Pritchard

"Anytime I have a question, concern or need to update an area, all I have to do is call."

Rhonda Pritchard