Commercial Landscape Maintenance

commercial landscape maintenanceIn trying to explain the significance of commercial landscape maintenance, it’s easy to draw a comparison to your car. That’s because both need routine maintenance. Without it, you’re setting yourself up for headaches and potentially expensive problems down the road.

Don’t take your commercial landscape for granted. To give you some peace of mind and your property a clean, thriving appearance, Native Land Design’s repertoire of maintenance services is at your disposal. Our services include but are not limited to:

Here at Native Land Design, we pride ourselves on consistent communication and overall site management, no matter the property size. From mowing stripes to treatment timing, landscape maintenance requires attention to detail and a crew of dedicated landscape professionals whose only goal is to improve the beauty and function of your property with each and every visit.

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They are all so friendly. It’s not only a business, but it’s like a family. I’m really glad they’re on my property.

Darryl McArthur, Facility Services Manager, 3M/Aramark