Design & Rendering

Every successful landscape project starts with a clear vision and a thoughtful design. Our team of award winning designers will combine creativity and functionality to bring you a landscape plan that will far exceed your expectations — while living up to our level of high standards.

Native Land Design is proud to provide design and rendering services for all of our clients throughout Texas.

Site Plan

A site plan is a two dimensional drawing of a particular site or area within a site.  Site plans are typically drawn to scale in order to represent the size relationship of the site’s elements, and are commonly used during the construction process.  Site plans can be rendered in color or simple geographic shapes.  The main drawback to site plans is they can be difficult to read for some people.



An elevation is a two dimensional drawing showing a “side” view of a site feature such as a building.  Like site plans, they are drawn to scale and most often used for construction purposes.  Elevations are mostly drawn to illustrate buildings and other vertical structures.  Elevations are not commonly used in landscape plans.



A perspective drawing is a three dimensional drawing that shows a realistic view of a site or feature. Perspective drawings are used to help clients visualize in what the design will like after construction. These drawings are drawn by hand; photo simulation or both.  Perspective drawings are not drawn to scale or used for construction.


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